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jeudi, août 20 2009

Django SEO : Link Exchange

I've just published a Django SEO application : Django Link Exchange

This little Django SEO App enables you to manage deep links exchange.

You can edit directly with Django's admin the following informations:

  • Campaigns: site informations
  • Links : anchor, url, additional text
  • Links customization: specific css classes, target, additional javascript (ie: tracker)
  • BackLinks : url, anchor
  • Check Backlinks automatically via Admin's Action (I'm using http://code.google.com/p/scrapemark/ to analyze the backlinking page)

To Install this application, copy it in a directory which is on your PYTHONPATH.

Next, edit your project's settings. and add:

   INSTALLED_APPS += ('link_exchange')

In your template's files:

  • you can publish a link directly in the template with it's name
     {%load link_ex%}
     {%link "name"%}
  • you can publish a link through an object's field containing html AND the {%link "name"%} tag
     {%load link_ex%}
     {% autoescape off %}
     {%evaluate object.textfield%}
     {% endautoescape %}

lundi, janvier 29 2007

L'aventurier du boot linux

grub, initramfs, cramfs, squashfs, unionfs, AuFS, fstab...

Pas facile de s'y retrouver dans cette jungle mais ça commence à venir. N'est-ce pas Beber ?

Tout ça pour un booter sur un disque USB en lecture seule...

Encore une inconnue pour la suite : Debian ou Gentoo ???

Update : quelques liens intéressants pour Gentoo

vendredi, juin 24 2005

SiteMap for DotClear

This is a DotClear Extension.

DotClear is a wonderfull, free, open-source blogging software.

This Extension will automatically generate a Google SiteMap's compatible XML file.

The XML file will provide links to:

  • site's index
  • posts
  • categories
  • archives



  • Unzip this file in your DotClear root folder.


modify the following lines in the sitemap.php file:
$conf = array(
"main" => array("display" => true, "refresh" => "always", "priority" => "1.0"),
"post" => array("display" => true, "refresh" => "daily" , "priority" => "0.8"),
"categorie" => array("display" => true, "refresh" => "daily" , "priority" => "0.5"),
"archive" => array("display" => true, "refresh" => "weekly" , "priority" => "0.5")

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samedi, décembre 25 2004

Richard Stallman (RMS) on Porting Free Software to Windows

Just read in LinuxDevCenter.com: Freedom, Innovation, and Convenience: The RMS Interview

FB: Do you think it's a good idea to port a free software project to a proprietary OS such as Windows?

RMS: Porting free applications to nonfree operating systems is often useful. This allows users of those operating systems to try out using a few free programs and see that they can be good to use, that free software won't bite them. This can help people overcome worries about trying a free operating system such as GNU/Linux. Many users really do follow this path.

However, we need to be careful to avoid suggesting that the purpose of free applications is to be used on a proprietary system in that way. Using free applications is a step forward, but it doesn't take you all the way to freedom. To reach that destination, we need to avoid the proprietary software that denies users their freedom.

dimanche, octobre 17 2004

GenIconXP - Free GPL Windows Icon Editor / Generator

French version/Version Française Lire la version française.

GenIconXP logo During the WinLibre development, i was looking for a free/libre multi-resolution icon generator for windows. I didn't find anything interresting. I have decided to write with Delphi an application to convert any image format in a multi-resolution .ICO dile.

The GenIconXP project is licenced under the GPL.

GenIconXP is using the MagickImageObject COM object from the Image Magick project for all images transformations. (More about using this COM object with Delphi (fr))

GenIconXP 0.2

Lire la suite...

vendredi, juillet 16 2004

Mozilla: My favorite extensions

Here are some of my favorites Mozilla/Firefox extensions: