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samedi, novembre 1 2008

WinLibre Package Manager Hacking session

Here are some pictures from the Mentor Summit 08 sunday's hacking session :



The code repository for this project is : http://code.google.com/p/winlibre/


vendredi, octobre 31 2008

GSoC Mentor Summit 08 Pictures

Here are a few pictures taken during Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 08 :
GSoC Mentor Summit 08

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lundi, juillet 10 2006

Surf Protector : WinLibre, Google Summer of Code Update

Thomas is actually working on Surf Protector. He's sponsored by the Google Summer of Code 2006 and mentored by WinLibre.

Surf Protector is using WinPCap to protect your computer when you surf the web.

How does it works ?

Surf Protector is divided in three parts:

  1. A blacklist: you enter the Web sites whose the access will be forbidden. Example: parents can forbidden warez or sex web sites to their children.
  2. A spy analyser: you configure via keywords this analyser which watch the traffic of your computer. Analyser will not prevent traffic but administrator will be alerted when the analyser detect a keyword in the traffic. Example: a network adminitrator can watch that employees aren't sending informations to competitors.
  3. A proxy filter: the proxy will parse your html request to make you more anonymous on the web.

Surf Protector Screenshot

Last news on psyphi's web blog

dimanche, juillet 9 2006

MacLibre 2 Quick Update

MacLibre is a rigorous selection of free, legal software for Mac OS X.

Some graphic works

MacLibre dmg

First Wizard page

Last development news

jeudi, juillet 6 2006

Maclibre 2 Teaser

Here is a little flash preview of the next MacLibre release, developed by Pawel Solyga for WinLibre, sponsored by the Google Summer of code.

MacLibre is an Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X developed during the Google Summer of Code program. This project is developed under the GPL public licence.

More on MacLibre and on the Summer of Code soon...

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mercredi, juillet 21 2004

Winlibre 0.2.2 (en)

WinLibre Today is the release day for WinLibre 0.2.2 which is correcting the few bugs encoutered with WinLibre 0.2.1

- Software update: Gaim 0.80, FileZilla 2.2.7c

- Bugs corrected:

  • install bugs with FireFox and TigntVNC
  • compatibility bug Gaim / Gimp / Gtk
  • download bug with Java (JRE 1.4.2)

- Debug mode added : add /LOG to the command line to create a log file in the Temp directory.