I’ve just published a Django SEO application : Django Link Exchange

This little Django SEO App enables you to manage deep links exchange.

You can edit directly with Django’s admin the following informations:

  • Campaigns: site informations
  • Links : anchor, url, additional text
  • Links customization: specific css classes, target, additional javascript (ie: tracker)
  • BackLinks : url, anchor
  • Check Backlinks automatically via Admin’s Action (I’m using http://code.google.com/p/scrapemark/ to analyze the backlinking page)

To Install this application, copy it in a directory which is on your PYTHONPATH.

Next, edit your project’s settings. and add:

INSTALLED_APPS += (‘link_exchange’) In your template’s files:

  • you can publish a link directly in the template with it’s name

{%load link_ex%} {%link “name”%}

  • you can publish a link through an object’s field containing html AND the {%link “name”%} tag

{%load link_ex%} {% autoescape off %} {%evaluate object.textfield%} {% endautoescape %}